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Create Animation Scenes in WordPress in three basic steps


Configure scene options

Change basic scene settings like duration, offset, scene trigger, animation ease, ease duration, stickiness, tablet/mobile animation, before, after css options


Save the scene to publish

After adding the options and just click save on top right to publish the scene.


Apply to page contents

There are various ways to apply the scene to page contents. Click Get Shortcode/Class on top right and Copy the class or shortcode or html wrapper provided to apply to any element you want. 

CSS Animations

move (x, y), zoom (x, y), rotate (x,y,z), skew (x, y), opacity, text color, background color, padding, border, border radius, position, top, bottom, left, right, z-index, width, height, display


Every animatable css properties are included to animate on scroll

Sticky Animations

Make an element sticky on screen for a particular duration


Watch this apple become sticky on screen while scrolling, which gives feel like apple falling to Newtons hand

Parallax Animations

Effortless add parallax Effects to your website and bring back more customers !

And so many more amazing things included in a single plugin

Live Preview Builder

Program your animation through live builder and apply for any elements


Control Options for Tablet & Mobile Devices, You can even disable animation for any device if you want too!


Many ways to add animation like via shortcode, shortcode tinymce button, class, etc.

Multi Direction

Animate both vertical and horizontal direction for any elements

Browser Compatibility

Compatible across most of the browsers and also devices

Scroll Magic For WordPress

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